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Articles and Guest Posts

“Meet Carter Wilson: Thriller Novelist”
Shout Out Colorado, December 2020 

“Clever Mysteries And Thrillers With Writers At The Center Of The Action”
Ezvid Wiki, July 2019 

“What Draws Carter Wilson to the Dark Side”
Publishers Weekly, July 2019 

“The Potency of Possibility”
Boulder Weekly, July 2019 

“ITW Spotlight: A Death 31,000 Feet Up”
Booktrib, July 2019 

“Colorado Bookshelf: The Dead Girl in 2A”
5280 Magazine, July 2019 

“Make Violent Scenes Matter” (guest blog)
Writer’s Digest, July 2019

“On the Cover: Carter Wilson”
The Big Thrill Magazine, July 2019 

Colorado Book Award Winners on the Best Places to Write
Westword, September 2017

Five movie/television scenes that will inspire your suspense writing (guest blog)
Strand Magazine, August 2017

Read an excerpt from Slender Man-inspired thriller, Mister Tender’s Girl
Entertainment Weekly, June 2017

The Only Question You Need (guest blog)
Killer Nashville, April 2017

Following a Dark Path
The Big Thrill, November 2016

If I Lived What I Wrote, I’d Be In Prison (guest blog)
Killer Nashville Magazine, December 2015

Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Thriller Talk Thursday
Lynne Constantine chats with authors J.T. Ellison, Carter Wilson, and Hannah Mary McKinnon
May 2020

Crime Corner Podcast
July 2019

Writer Types Podcast
June 2019

Interview with Carter Wilson
Rachael Herron Podcast, February 2019

Radio Interview with Carter Wilson
Colorado Public Radio
Colorado Matters Show with Ryan Warner, August 2018

Interview with Carter Wilson
Professional Book Nerds Podcast, February 2018

Interview with Carter Wilson
The Story Blender Podcast featuring Steven James, February 2018

Interview with Carter Wilson
Thrillseekers Podcast, February 2018

Publishers Weekly Podcast – A Conversation with Carter Wilson
Publishers Weekly, January 2018

Carter Wilson & Randall Silvis IN CONVERSATION on Authors on the Air
Authors on the Air, May 2017

Interview with Alex Dolan
Thrill Seekers Radio, April 2017

On the Art of Storytelling
Authors on the Air Radio, February 2017

Print Interviews

“Mystery At Maroon Bells”
Aspen Times Weekly, June 2019

Q & A with Carter Wilson
Don’t Need A Diagram, January 2018

Up Close—Carter Wilson
Big Thrill Magazine, January 2018

Q & A with Mark Stevens
Don’t Need a Diagram, December 2016