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The Boy in the Woods

In 1981, three fourteen-year-old boys witness the horrific killing of a young boy in the Oregon woods near their homes. The murder is done at the hands of a teenage girl, a person the boys have never seen before. Quickly the boys turn from witnesses to accomplices as the girl forces them to bury the body and swear never to talk about what happened.

Thirty years later Tommy Devereax has become a best-selling thriller writer, using the memory of that day and the demonically seductive young woman as a basis for each of his popular female villains. Though he has never told anyone about his past—not even his wife or children—Tommy uses his writing as his therapy. He is finally ready to tell the world the story of what happened, even if he disguises the killing as fiction. A teaser chapter describing the incident is released in his latest hardback. A woman approaches Tommy in public one day and asks for an autograph, leaving behind a note for Tommy to find. The note reads:

You didn’t even change my name.

She’s come back, threatening to divulge to the world Tommy’s darkest secret unless he agrees to do everything she asks of him. Thus begins a deadly cat-and-mouse game that can only end with one or both of their destructions.

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