Carter Wilson | Thriller Author
Carter Wilson | Thriller Author

Latest Novel

The Dead Husband
Wilson unveils each revelation of some new betrayal with surgical precision en route to a bittersweet finale.
Kirkus Reviews
(on The Dead Husband)
A perfectly paced and expertly written thriller.
—David Bell, USA Today bestselling author
(on The Dead Husband)
One of those books you devour in a single sitting. The Dead Girl in 2A promises a lot from the start and delivers in spades.
—Alex Marwood, bestselling author
(on The Dead Girl in 2A)
An enthralling thriller…Wilson infuses his terrifying plot with intricate twists and turns, all totally credible.
Publishers Weekly
(on Revelation)


The Dead Girl in 2A
Mister Tender's Girl
The Comfort of Black
The Boy in the Woods
Final Crossing

Short Stories

“Area Code 666”—first appeared in the R.L. Stine YA Anthology Scream and Scream Again (Harper Collins) July 2018
“Black and Blue”—first appeared in the Blood Business anthology (Hex Publishers) November 2017
“Decorations”—first appeared in Words e-zine, October 2016
“What Ifs”—first appeared in Suspense Magazine, April 2016

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