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Great-horned owl in my backyard, 2018.

Rome, 2018

Florence, Italy, 2018

Siena, Italy, 2018

Venice, 2018

My daughter looking over Tuscan vineyard, 2018

San Gimignano, Italy, 2018

Venice doorway, 2018

Me, looking over Boulder, 2018

Boulder sunrise, 2018

Spring lightning, 2018

Abandoned home, 2017

9/11 Memorial flower, 2017

Phuket resort, 2017

Thailand sunset, 2017

Bangkok temple, 2017

Colorado sunset, 2017

Eclipse, 2017


Dusty Colorado Snow, 2016

James in Concert—Brixton Academy, London, 2016

Balloons in Fog—Colorado, 2016

Lower Falls at Yosemite, 2016

Old Faithful at Sunrise, 2016

Bison and bluebells, 2016

Early Morning Yosemite Geyser, 2016

Elevator at the Stanley Hotel—Estes Park, Colorado, 2015

Old safe at the Stanley Hotel—Estes Park, Colorado, 2015

Stanley Hotel lobby at night—Estes Park, Colorado, 2015

Spooky hallway at night at the Stanley Hotel—Estes Park, Colorado, 2015

The Stanley Hotel, one of my favorite writing places—Estes Park, Colorado, 2015

Me at the Warrior Dash—Copper Mountain, Colorado, 2015

Researching my book—Cemetery, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2015

Fall—White Mountains, New Hampshire, 2015

Elephant in the bushes —South Africa, 2015

Big yawn—South Africa, 2015

Lion coming closer—South Africa, 2015

Lilac-breasted roller—South Africa, 2015

Kudu skull—South Africa, 2015

Rhino and warthogs—South Africa, 2015

Giraffe at sunrise—South Africa, 2015

My girlfriend and me—Indian Ocean, 2015

Sunset over the reserve—South Africa, 2015

Chameleon—South Africa, 2015

Sunset—South Africa, 2015

Elephant and rhino standoff—South Africa, 2015

Vervet monkey—South Africa, 2015

Collected zebras—South Africa, 2015

How lucky am I? Yes, that's what my tattoo says—South Africa, 2015

Cheetah at sunrise 2—South Africa, 2015

Cheetah at sunrise—South Africa, 2015

Menacing sky—Colorado, 2015

My kids celebrating life—Florida, 2015

My boy taking the leap—Ithaca, New York, 2014

Cousins playing Battleship—Ithaca, New York, 2014

Summer storm—Colorado, 2014

My kids and their chalk art—Colorado, 2014

Frost on my house—Colorado, 2013

Dusk—Dominican Republic, 2013

Hong Kong, 2013

Bar—Dublin, Ireland, 2013

James live at the Olympia Theatre—Dublin, Ireland, 2013

Mountain Sunset—Lafayette, Colorado, 2013

Rocky Mountains, Colorado, 2013

Temple—Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

On my Habitat for Humanity worksite—Thailand, 2013

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