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Carter Wilson
The Comfort of Black is a 2016 Colorado Book Award Winner!

"From the very first shocking, irreverent and chilling line you
know The Comfort of Black is a knock-your-socks-off-thriller."

   —NYTimes Bestselling author M.J. Rose



Available December 13th

When Harden Campbell wakes cold and beaten in a dirt-floor cell, he finds only three other things in the room with him: the mutilated body of his good friend, an ancient typewriter, and a stack of blank paper, the top sheet of which has a single, typed sentence.

Tell me a story.

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The Comfort of Black

Now available in paperback:

The Comfort of Black

2016 Colorado Book Awards Winner! (Thriller category)

Though they seem to have everything, Hannah Parks has watched her husband, Dallin, become increasingly distant. Her hope is buoyed when the couple decides to start a family, but what Dallin reveals in his sleep one night rocks Hannah to her core. As she starts to investigate a much darker side of Dallin than she ever knew existed, Hannah peels away the layers of a diseased relationship closely tied to her own abusive past.

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