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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Feb 17, 2022 | Book news, Making It Up, The New Neighbor, What's Entertaining Me, Writing

Welcome to 2022! I hope that any holidays you may have celebrated were joyous and virus-free and you’re looking at this new year with hope and optimism. I’m trying my best, despite the swirling and roiling omicron shitstorm engulfing us.

Still, I’m excited for 2022 for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I have another thriller coming out. Launching April 12, 2022, The New Neighbor is my eighth novel and one I’m really excited about. Here’s the back cover copy: 
Aidan holds the winning Powerball numbers.

Is today the best day of his life… or the worst?

Aidan Marlowe is the superstitious type—he’s been playing the same lottery numbers for fifteen years, never hitting the jackpot. Until now. On the day of his wife’s funeral.

Aidan struggles to cope with these two sudden extremes: instant wealth beyond his imagination, and the loss of the only woman he’s ever loved, the mother of his twin children. But the money gives him and his kids options they didn’t have before. They can leave everything behind. They can start a new life in a new town. So they do.

But a huge new house and all the money in the world can’t replace what they’ve lost, and it’s not long before Aidan realizes he’s merely trading old demons for new ones. Because someone is watching him and his family very closely. Someone who knows exactly who they are, where they’ve come from, and what they’re trying to hide. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what they want…
You’ll be hearing more from me about The New Neighbor, but one element I wanted to share now is that this book has direct ties to my previous novel, The Dead Husband. Both books are standalone novels, but if you read both you will discover how much creepier the stories are…

You can pre-order here, and you’ll be my best friend forever if you do.

Making It Up
Newly added episodes of my interview series Making It Up are out! This month I chatted with novelist and #1 New York Times bestselling author of non-fiction health and diet books Dr. Ian Smith (Wolf Point), debut novelist and recipient of the Eleanor Taylor Bland Award for emerging writers of color Yasmin Angoe (Her Name is Knight), and screenwriter and novelist Gabrielle St. George (How to Murder a Marriage).

All episodes are available on my YouTube channel and wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Check them out now here
SNEAK PREVIEW: watch HERE as Dr. Ian and I discuss writing styles.

What I’m Reading


I just finished the advanced-review copy of The Mirror Man: A Killer Instinct Novel by Lars Kepler. Helluva book. Very dark and gritty and doesn’t shy away from profound unpleasantness in order to make a statement. I’m quite looking forward to interviewing the husband-and-wife team that comprise Lars Kepler for this book’s launch event in January.

So I’m taking a few days off from reading before I dive into another thriller that I’ll be blurbing. Other than that, the only other thing I’m reading is my own manuscript, as I’m knee-deep in sorely needed edits.
What I’m Watching

Dopesick (2021, Hulu). Nothing rings in the holidays quite like a limited series about the American opioid crisis. As you would expect, this show is depressing as hell. But it’s also immensely watchable. It’s essentially about how Purdue Pharma lied to the world about how addictive OxyContin really is. If the show wasn’t rooted in facts I’d say parts of it seem too farfetched (especially how all the sales reps for Purdue didn’t care their drugs were killing thousands of people). But sadly, it’s based on a true series of events and we get another reminder about how awful humanity is.

Also, Michael Keaton. He’s the main reason to watch. What an actor.
Photo of the Month
You may have heard about the devasting fires in Boulder County on December 30th.  Two towns were evacuated and an estimated 1,000 homes were destroyed in what became the most destructive fire in Colorado history. It started by powerlines downed by 100+ mile-per-hour winds, and the winds caused the fire to tear through a highly populated suburban corridor between Boulder and Denver.

I live in eastern Boulder County and the fire never got closer than 10 miles to my house, but we know several people who evacuated and, sadly, some who lost their homes.   About three hours after the fire first broke out I drove a few miles south from my house and got this picture, but it doesn’t nearly do justice to how long and black that smoke trail was.

If you want to help those affected, donations can be made to the American Red Cross of Colorado here

Update from My Kids
My kids had a Christmas cake bake-off and then posed very seriously with their finished products.
Update from My Cat
And here is Guff on Christmas, just daring you to tell him the presents aren’t all his.
Cool Shoes I Want
Vans sneakers with the Shining twins! The perfect year-round gift for the favorite thriller writer in your life…
Book-Love Instagram Post of the Month  
I love when readers post pics of my books, but I REALLY love an Instagrammer named thrillers_and_unicorns.
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That’s it for now! See you next month.


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