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So, are you working on something new?

Jun 13, 2018 | Book news, Dead Girl in 2A, Publishing, Writing

June 2018


That’s a question I’m often asked. Are you working on something new? 

The answer is always, of course, “yes.” Once I’m finished with a book there’s always the need to start something else, no matter how little I know of the new story’s direction. With luck, after about 40,000 words or so, I’ll have an a-ha moment and realize a general shape for the rest of the story. So by the time I’m out promoting a new release, I’m inevitably deep into a new book and probably have been for months.

So yes, I have been working on something new for some time now, and I’m excited to tell you my next thriller has just been sold to Sourcebooks (publisher of Mister Tender’s Girl) and is scheduled for release in the fall of 2019.

Announcing The Dead Girl in 2A, in which two people sitting beside each other on a plane—one bound for a ghost-writing job, the other planning to commit suicide—discover they have impossibly bizarre things in common, including the loss of memories from their pasts and disturbing encounters with a mysterious figure. It’s a story centered on memory, and what happens when strangers are suddenly promised not just a hope of remembering their pasts, but a chance of attaining exceptional futures. But the cost each must pay often comes in the currency of their own sanity, and sometimes even their life.

I’m excited for this one.

Shutterbug Wanderlust

In addition to writing, two other loves of mine are travel and photography.

Travel is a true blessing, and as much of a hassle it can be the experience is (almost) always worth it. I’ve been to dozens of countries and nearly every continent. My experiences have included a wedding in Transylvania, safaris in Africa, and house-building in rural Thailand. My goal is to get out of the country at least once a year, and this year my girlfriend and I are taking the kids and joining the rest of her family in Italy for ten days in July. I can’t wait for the kids to experience Italy for the first time (and, as a primer, I just watched Gladiator with my son. Damn, that’s a good movie).

As for photography, while I rarely know exactly how to operate a camera with complete confidence, I think I have a pretty good eye. When I travel, I find that a good photo or two is a much better souvenir than just about anything else. If I’m lucky enough to get a truly special travel shot, I’ll usually have it professionally framed for my house. Then, every five years or so I take all my favorite photos from that time and put them into a coffee-table-style book, just so I’ll have something more than just files on a computer. I love looking around my house and being reminded of adventure.

Feel free to peruse the photography section of my website, but I’ve culled out some of my favorite travel photos below.


Highlight From My Cat

This is Guff. I keep him in a box under my bed most of the time. When I open the box, he lashes out like a pit viper


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