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Book Launch Day!

Apr 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

April 12, 2022

Hello, friends. Just a brief newsletter this month to let you know my latest thriller The New Neighbor is out today.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore. If you use an e-reader, well, that works, too. And there’s a great audiobook version narrated by a cool dude with a smooth voice.

Oh, and make sure to leave honest reviews, if that’s not too much to ask. Reviews make a huge difference in this world. I don’t always wish that was the case, but there it is. So yeah, even just a few words are helpful.

I’ve got a great event planned tonight at the Boulder Book Store, so if you’re in the area, pop by! And my publisher has put together an amazing virtual event planned for April 26, where I’ll be trading war stories with New York Times bestselling thriller writer Julie Clark. Her books are something else.

I’ll leave with you with the acknowledgments I wrote for this book. Not everyone reads them–it’s like staying for the credits after a movie–so I figured I’d put them here as well.

That’s it.

I’m tired. 

The New Neighbor is a dizzying descent into a Byzantine maze of psychological suspense. Carter Wilson proves once again why he is one of the best, most inventive thriller writers working today.” ― S. A. Cosby, New York Times bestselling author of Razorblade Tears and Blacktop Wasteland
“Damn you. Wilson! I was up all night with this book. The mysteries of Bury are perfectly placed, the tension is thick enough to drown in, and the pages fly by. Brilliant escapism. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” ―Stuart Turton, internationally bestselling author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Devil and the Dark Water
“There’s no denying Wilson’s power to weave a dark web and keep making it darker and darker.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A disquieting psychological thriller from Wilson skillfully piles on the creepiness, ratcheting up the tension as Aidan’s world starts spinning out of control.”   — Publishers Weekly

“Eerie, disturbing, and violent, Wilson’s psychological thriller packs a real punch, with a shocker of an ending.” — Booklist


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