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11 things you didn’t know about me.

August 2018   Yeah, I know, I missed a post last month. I'd been very regular about posting the 13th of every month but then missed July. I was on vacation, and I just couldn't fit the post into the priority schedule. I was traipsing through Italy with my...

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Why I believe in ghosts.

July 2018   I went to school at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York back in the early nineties. My friend Donna and I were each going to spend the spring semester of our junior years abroad, so we decided to look for a place together for the fall, hoping to...

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So, are you working on something new?

June 2018   That's a question I'm often asked. Are you working on something new?  The answer is always, of course, "yes." Once I'm finished with a book there's always the need to start something else, no matter how little I know of the new story's direction. With...

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What I love about writing.

May 2018 In last month's post I bitched and moaned about all the things that suck about writing. We all complain about our work, but not often do we step back and assess the things we love about what we do. Most novelists will admit establishing a consistent and...

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Sometimes writing sucks.

April 2018   Ah, the romantic image of the writer summoned by their muse. The summoning so sudden, so unexpected, so overpowering that all the writer can do is drop everything, lunge for their laptop (or, in a more dramatic flair, actual pen and paper) and write...

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My writingversary.

March 2018   We are one month post-launch of my thriller Mister Tender's Girl, and I've found myself reflecting on my publishing journey quite a bit lately. You see, to publish five novels, I've had to write ten. This has consumed a lot of my past...

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Launch day!

February 2018   This day has been a long time coming.  My agent sold Mister Tender's Girl back in the fall 2016, and now launch day is finally here. Though this is my fifth novel, launch day hasn't lost its excitement. A huge thanks to my...

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On killing your darlings.

January 2018   Fifteen years ago I started writing stories. What started as an exercise to stave off boredom during an eight-hour class became the foundation for my first novel. That manuscript never sold, so I kept writing. Manuscript number two went nowhere, as...

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Writing in a haunted hotel.

December 2017   If you follow me on social media, you know I have this tradition of heading up to the Stanley Hotel once a year in the winter, getting some writing done, then looking for ghosts. That's right. The Stanley is located in Estes Park, CO, about a...

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Who is Mister Tender?

November 2017   It's November 13, exactly three months prior to the launch of Mister Tender's Girl. So now is a good time to answer the question: who, exactly, is Mister Tender? Mister Tender was the star of a series of graphic novels, wildly popular in the...

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