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Greetings friends,

Final Crossing
At my launch party. No, those aren't a stack of my books. That's a triple-chocolate cake, and even the spike was edible!
Launch Party
Launch Party
Launch Party
Launch Party
Launch Party

Whew. Ok. Wow. The book is out.

I didn't quite believe it was going to happen. No real reason why, except the path to a published book is plagued (or perhaps blessed?) with rejections. I once heard a statistic (and have no idea its validity) that a fiction writer has about a one-percent chance of getting an agent, and those who do have about a one-percent chance of getting published. Consider my own stats:

Began writing in 2003. First book took only 90 days to write. I researched on how to find an agent. Started writing query letters and sending them out. After at least a year and approximately 80 rejections, I was lucky enough to get an agent (the best one of the lot, I dare say).

Said agent, Pam, had me make revisions to the book and then began sending it out to publishers. Again, took about a year. Wholeheartedly rejected by all she had sent it to, maybe 17 to 20 publishers.

Second book took about a year to write. Same process. Rejected over the course of the ensuing year (though we came really close with one publisher).

Third book. Repeat. Fourth book. Repeat. About once a month or so I would get an e-mail from Pam that always started with the word "alas."

Fifth book, FINAL CROSSING (originally titled SYNDROME, by the way) took almost a year-and-a-half to write. I like to think it was because I was becoming a better writer, but it probably had something to do with starting a new job, going through a divorce, and adjusting to being a single parent. Writing was (and still is) done in fits and bursts, squeezed into the minutes that aren't consumed by everything that demands my attention. I can't remember exactly, but I think we were close to exhausting the list of publishers with FINAL CROSSING before it finally sold to Vantage Point Books, a new imprint. I received the call from my agent when I was on vacation in Breckenridge with my kids, my girlfriend, and her son. June 2011. A surreal moment, indeed.

One year later (and many ups and downs on the way), the book is out. When my box of author copies arrived just last week, I was alone at home. I opened it up and saw my printed work for the first time. Honestly? Nothing quite like that feeling in the world.

Had my launch party last week at one of my favorite places in Boulder to write, a restaurant called Aji. They make their margaritas strong. I've included some photos from the event, and you can find more on my Events page. Make sure to check out the huge chocolate cake designed like a stack of my books.

Some things to know about the book:

  • Available online everywhere. Making its way to stores, so I'm not really sure which shops you might find it in at the moment but they can all order it now.
  • Will be out on Kindle in a week or two.
  • There are giveaways going on for it right now on Goodreads, Bookclubbing, and Shelf Awareness, so check that out.
  • If you're in the local area and your book club reads FINAL CROSSING, I'd be happy to come and meet with your club.
  • Great reviews so far on Amazon and Goodreads!

OK, that's it for now. I hope you pick up a copy of the book. If you like it, please consider giving it a positive review on Amazon. If you hated it, well, just remember, if you can't say anything nice...

All my best, and thank you.

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